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In a multilayer metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB), the layers will be evenly distributed on each side of the metal core. For instance, in a 12-layer board, the metal core will be at the center with 6 layers on the top and 6 layers at the bottom. 


Layers: 2L 

Board Thinkness:3.0mm

Base Material:Copper Clad Laminate

Min Holes:0.5mm

Minimum Line Width/Clearance:0.2mm/0.2mm

Minimum Clearance between Inner Layer PTH and Line: 0.2mm


Aspect Ratio:6 : 1

Surface treatment:OSP

Speciality: multilayer metal core


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What is Multi Layers Metal Core Pcb?

In a multilayer metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB), the layers will be evenly distributed on each side of the metal core. For instance, in a 12-layer board, the metal core will be at the center with 6 layers on the top and 6 layers at the bottom.

Metal core PCBs are classified into different types based on the number of trace layers and the location of the metal core. Two (Double) layers metal core Printed Circuit Boards have two layers of copper conductor on one side of the metal core. A two layer metal core Printed Circuit Board requires an extra step to laminate the metal core and imaged thermal conductive laminate.

Metal core PCBs also called MCPCBs, whose substrate layer is a metal base. The most common metals of MCPCBs used are aluminum, copper, and steel alloy. Aluminum-based PCBs are the most cost-effective; they exist good heat conductivity and thermal dissipation ability at low prices. Copper-based PCBs perform better than aluminum, but the price is higher. Steel-based PCBs are harder than the first two materials, while with a lower heat conductivity. Metal PCBs are known as their excellent thermal dissipation.The benefits of the metal core PCBs

Excellent thermal dissipation

Thermal conductivity refers to the thermal performance parameters of a material. The thermal conductivity of Metal core PCBs like aluminum PCBs exhibits higher than other PCBs that use FR4 and CEM3 as the substrates. High thermal conductivity makes metal core PCBs have an excellent heat dissipation ability. The heat produced by ICs and components will be removed quickly, which helps to reduce the heat damage of the components and prolong the service life of the products, as well as improve the performance.

Good heat dissipation of metal core PCBs makes them less prone to high temperature, which causes less distortion during signal transportation.

The advantages mentioned above make metal core PCBs ideal solutions in many applications, such as power converters, lightings, photovoltaic, backlight applications, automotive LED applications, home appliances, and so on. Aluminum-based PCB is the most common type of metal core PCBs for its cost advantage. Especially in solid-state lighting, aluminum PCBs helps achieve higher lighting levels with less quantity of LED.

The copper foil thickness of MCPCB can be 1oz to 10oz, and the metal core thickness of the boards usually is 30mil to 125mil. YMS offers all the types of metal core PCBs, and just contact us if you need thicker or thinner substrates. YMS is a professional manufacturer and we will always keep our capabilities and equipment standards with the pace of advanced levels to provide customers with the best services of PCB prototype, PCB fabrication, component sourcing.

metal core pcb



• High watt-density applications where achieving
   low thermal resistance is required
• Backlighting
• Headlamps
• LED applications

 YMS Multi Layers Metal core PCB manufacturing capabilities:

YMS Multi Layers Metal core PCB manufacturing capabilities overview
Feature capabilities
Layer Count 1-8L
Base Material Aluminum/Copper/Iron Alloy
Thickness 0.8 mm min
Coin material Thickness 0.8-3.0mm
Minimum line Width and Space 0.05mm/0.05mm(2mil/2mil)
BGA  PITCH 0.35mm
Min Copper coin’s clearance 1.0mm min
Min mechanical Drilled Size 0.15mm(6mil)
Aspect Ratio for through hole 16:1
Surface Finish HASL, Lead free HASL,ENIG,Immersion Tin, OSP, Immersion Silver, Gold Finger, Electroplating Hard Gold, Selective OSP,ENEPIG.etc.
Via Fill Option The via is plated and filled with either conductive or non-conductive epoxy then capped and plated over(VIPPO)
Copper filled, silver filled
Registration ±4mil
Solder Mask Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Purple, Matte Black, Matte green.etc.


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