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A brief analysis on the different application of FPC and PCB in PCB construction | YMSPCB

PCB, that is to say printed circuit board (PCB), is commonly referred to as a hard board.It is the supporting body in the electronic component and the key component of the electronic component.

PCB is generally made of FR4 fiberglass board plate, also known as hard board, can not be bent, flexural.PCB is generally used in some areas where there is no bending, such as notebook motherboards, mobile phone motherboards, etc.

The flexible printed circuit, which is actually a type of PCB, has quite a bit of access to traditional printed circuit boards.It is called the flexible circuit board, all called the flexural circuit board.FPC generally USES PI as the plate, is a soft raw material, can be free to develop bending, flexure.

FPC is generally operated in the need to repeatedly flex and some small components of the connection, but now not only this, the current smart phone has to be able to avoid bending, which must adopt the CORE technology of FPC.

In fact, FPC is not only a circuit board that can bend, but also a key design method for connecting the circuit structure. This kind of structure can be combined with the design of other electronic products to build a variety of different applications. Therefore, from this point of view, FPC and PCB are very different.

For PCB, otherwise the route will be made in a three-dimensional way with the method of film glue, otherwise the circuit board is generally planar.Therefore, the flexible use of spatial graphics, FPC is a good solution.

In terms of hard plate, the common indoor space broadening scheme at the present stage is to use slots and interface CARDS, while FPC can make similar structures by using a transfer design scheme, and the specific design scheme is also more ductile.By using FPC, two hardboards can be combined into a set of parallel plane route system software, and it can also turn into all perspectives to integrate different product appearance design schemes.

FPC may be able to use terminal interface mode for route connection, but it may also be possible to use hard and soft boards to bypass this connection organization. A single FPC can be equipped with a number of hardboards and connected using a rational layout method.This behavior reduces the influence of rf connectors and terminals and can improve the quality of data signals and product trust.

Post time: Sep-09-2020
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