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About us

  • PCB factory

    PCB factory

    YMS is a China GuangDong-based PCB manufacturer and PCB assembler. We have been specializing in PCB prototyping services for over 10 years, serving more than customers all over the world. We have our own factory established over 10,000 square meters and we possess the latest professional production equipment to handle the PCB process.
  • PCB Equipment

    PCB Equipment

    YMS has invested huge sums of money to introduce modern production and testing equipment & software from the United States, Japan, Germany, Taiwan,etc, and the advancement of process capability.
  • PCB Technological Capabilities

    PCB Technological Capabilities

    With over 10 years as an industry leader, YMS is one of the most experienced PCB and PCB assembly manufacturer in China. We are proud to manufacture high-quality PCBs and provide the best PCB assembly services for our customers. Our goal is to be categorized as the easiest Printed Circuit Board manufacturer to do business with.
  • PCB Delivery

    PCB Delivery

    YMS has advanced equipment and production capacity to meet our production of a full range of products. our single, double layer board can deliver within 48 hours; 4-6 layers can deliver within 76 hours;8-12 layers can deliver within 96 hoursour;14-18 layers can deliver within 120 hoursour.products include:HDI,Thick Gold Board, high density multilayer board, blind buried hole multilayer board, aluminum PCB, FLEX+RIGID,copper substrate, rigid flexible combination board,Special Board.
  • Certification


    YMS believes that the quality of products is the core of a enterprise's development. So our company have the well-controlled quality by professional engineers from order to package.We have approved certifications like ISO9001、ISO14001、UL、CQC etc. and established a sound quality monitoring and prevention system to ensure the stability of the products' quality.

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