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  • PCB fabrica

    PCB fabrica

    YMS is a China GuangDong-based PCB manufacturer and PCB assembler. We have been specializing in PCB prototyping services for over 10 years, serving more than customers all over the world. We have our own factory established over 10,000 square meters and we possess the latest professional production equipment to handle the PCB process.
  • PCB Equipment

    PCB Equipment

    YMS collocasse summarum pecuniae ingens est modern inducere productio & software apparatu et temptationis a Civitatibus Foederatis Americae, Iaponia, Germany, Taiwan, etc., et ad augmentum processus facultatem.
  • PCB inventis technicis dives Capabilities

    PCB inventis technicis dives Capabilities

    X annis et supra, sicut et industria ducis, YMS est maxime unus PCB, et peritus conventus PCB manufacturer in Sinis. Nos autem cor ad fabricabimus summus PCBs qualis ecclesia PCB et providere officiis est maxime de Sales ministerium. Finis noster error sit voluptatem est facere ut, quae facillima apud Circuit Board manufacturer res est.
  • PCB Delivery

    PCB Delivery

    YMS provectus est apparatu et facultatem ad occursum productio ex productio nostrum a plena range de products. nostrum una, potest eripere in duplex iacuit tabula XLVIII horas; LXXVI in stratis 4-6 horas potest eripere, potest eripere inter ordines 8-12 hoursour XCVI, potest eripere in ordines 14-18 CXX hoursour.products includit: HDI: Aurum Board spissus, excelsis density multilayer tabula, cæcus buried foraminis multilayer tabula, aluminium PCB, LENTO CENSORIUS +, positis distent aeris, rigidae lenta combination tabula, Proprius Board.
  • Certification


    YMS credit quod qualis est scriptor progressionem products est core a coeptis. Noster comitatu est a professio habet ad bene dispensata qualitas fabrum ut a similis package.We quia probatus certificaciones ISO9001, ISO14001, ul, et cetera statutum CQC qualis magna et sonos preoccupo ratio ut in products curare stabilitate 'species.

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  • what are pcbs made of | YMSPCB

    PCB is made from different components and a variety of complex processes and technologies, among which the structure of PCB circuit board has single-layer, double-layer and multi-layer structure, and the manufacturing methods of different hierarchical structures are different. Today, manufacturer...

  • What are the common problems of metal PCB?

    1. What is the difference between PCB and metal core PCB? PCB- printed circuit board (PCB) is an electronic circuit used in equipment to provide mechanical support and access to its electronic components.It is made by combining different non-conductive materials, such as fiberglass or plastic, an...

  • What is the base material of a metal core PCB?

    The following is the introduction to the characteristics and substrate of metal PCB arranged by China circuit board factory. Metal core PCB features 1. The heat dissipation Conventional PCB substrates are generally poor conductors of heat, and the heat emission of insulating materials between lay...

  • Three-layer structure of aluminum circuit board | YMSPCB

    I believe that most people know about the aluminum circuit board, but about the construction of the aluminum circuit board I believe that you do not understand;Simply put, there are three layers of aluminum circuit board structure which you probably all know, so what are the characteristics of th...

  • What is MCPCB?

    What is a metal core PCB? Metal pcb board (MCPCB) or hot PCB is a metal based PCB used in the radiator part of the board. Metal-core printed circuit board (MCPCB), also known as thermally conductive PCB, is based on auric material as compared to traditional FR4 an...

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