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YMSPCB – PCB Prototype & PCB Assembly Manufacturer

With over 10 years as an industry leader, YMS is one of the most experienced PCB assembly and PCB išoogun in China.

We are proud to manufacture high-quality PCBs and provide the best PCB assembly services for our customers.At the same time, we provide a safe and prosperous environment for over 200 employees to work in. Our goal is to be categorized as the easiest Printed Circuit Board manufacturer to do business with.

To achieve that goal, we prioritize our customers and make sure all their questions are duly answered. Our record of success sets us apart from our competitors.

We specialize in providing companies of all sizes with full-range and high-quality PCB,PCB assembly services. We can cover from quickturn PCB prototyping to full production, part kitting to full turn-key assembly and PCB design instructions to PCB material suggestions. And We ship internationally, so regardless of where your company is located, explore our wide range of PCB services today. Our one-stop PCB production solutions shorten your products’ time to market, dramatically improving return on investment (ROI) of OEMs.

If you’re looking for a reliable PCB manufacturer, the search is over. As one of the most popular PCB fabrication companies in China, YMSPCB is the place to go for all your PCB fabrication needs.

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If you’re looking for a reliable PCB manufacturer, the search is over. As one of the most popular PCB fabrication companies worldwide, YMSPCB is the place to go for all your PCB fabrication needs.

  • Customized Design

    Customized Design

    Rely on us to produce PCBs meeting your exacting standards every step of the way. We can deliver your boards in as few as two days with our expedited service plan, or two weeks for most other orders. Our low-cost, low-volume assembly lets you see your designs in action right away, without significant upfront financial or time investment. If you need a test before ordering the full batch, we also offer solutions for your prototype PCB needs! For a complete list of our Manufacturing and Assembly Capabilities, check out the following pages: • Custom PCB Manufacturing Service covers rigid PCBs, flex PCBs, MCPCBs, Rogers PCBs, etc.
  • Ohun elo PCB

    Ohun elo PCB

    YMS ti fowosi tobi akopọ ti owo lati se agbekale igbalode isejade ati igbeyewo itanna & software lati United States, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, ati be be, ati awọn ilosiwaju ti ilana agbara.
  • PCB Imo Agbara

    PCB Imo Agbara

    Pẹlu lori 10 years bi ohun ise olori, YMS jẹ ọkan ninu awọn julọ RÍ PCB ati PCB ijọ išoogun ni China. A ni o wa lọpọlọpọ lati manufacture ga-didara PCBs ki o si pese ti o dara ju PCB ijọ iṣẹ fun onibara wa. Wa ìlépa ni lati wa ni tito lẹšẹšẹ bi awọn rọrun tejede Circuit Board olupese lati se owo pẹlu.
  • PCB Ifijiṣẹ

    PCB Ifijiṣẹ

    YMS ni o ni to ti ni ilọsiwaju itanna ati gbóògì agbara lati pade wa gbóògì ti a ni kikun ibiti o ti ọja. wa nikan, ė Layer ọkọ le fi laarin 48 wakati; 4-6 fẹlẹfẹlẹ le fi laarin 76 wakati; 8-12 fẹlẹfẹlẹ le fi laarin 96 hoursour; 14-18 fẹlẹfẹlẹ le fi laarin 120 hoursour.products ni: HDI, Nipọn Gold Board, ga iwuwo multilayer ọkọ, afọju sin iho multilayer ọkọ, aluminiomu PCB, na ẹsẹ tabi + kosemi, Ejò sobusitireti, kosemi rọ apapo ọkọ, Special Board.
  • iwe eri

    iwe eri

    YMS gbagbo wipe awọn didara ti awọn ọja ni mojuto ti a kekeke ká idagbasoke. Nítorí náà, wa ile ni awọn daradara-dari didara nipa ọjọgbọn Enginners lati ibere lati package.We ti a fọwọsi certifications bi ISO9001, ISO14001, UL, CQC ati be be lo ki o si mulẹ a ohun didara monitoring ati idena eto lati rii daju awọn iduroṣinṣin ti awọn ọja 'didara.

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  • Single-Layer vs. Multilayer PCBs – How do they differ?

    Introduction   Before designing a printed circuit board, you must decide whether to use a single-layer or multi-layer PCB. Both types of design are used in many everyday devices. The kind of project you are using the board for will determine which one is best for you. Multi-layer boards are mor...

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    What is High-Frequency PCB High-frequency PCBs generally provide a frequency range of 500MHz to 2 GHz, which can meet the needs of high-speed PCB design, microwave, radiofrequency and mobile applications. When the frequency is higher than 1 GHz, we can define it as high ...

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     Castellated Holes or Castellations are indentations created in the form of semi-plated holes on the edges of the PCB boards. These Castellations help to mount one PCB board on top of another during assembly. Depending upon the application, instead of half holes, they may also look like a small o...

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