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The PCB embedded copper coin is one of the metal core PCB. The copper coin embedded in the PCB Cavity or slot after routing and metalized when finished PCB lamination. PCB and it’s copper coin tightly connected.


Layers: 4L 

Board Thinkness:1.6mm

Base Material:FR4 High TG 180

Min Holes:0.2mm

Minimum Line Width/Clearance:0.1mm/0.1mm

Minimum Clearance between Inner Layer PTH and Line: 0.2mm


Aspect Ratio:8 : 1

Surface treatment:OSP

Speciality: copper coin embedded

Differential impedance 100+7/-8Ω, 50+5/-5Ω


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What is the PCB embedded copper coin.

The PCB embedded copper coin is the copper coin embedded in the PCB Cavity or slot after routing and metalized when finished PCB lamination. PCB and it’s copper coin tightly connected. he traditional way to dissipate heat in a printed circuit board is through thermal vias holes. But most PCB material is not particularly good for heat transfer.On other hand, some crucial components need high performacne of heat dissipation which standard via holes can not meet.The better heat dissipation is the use of a local Cu-Coin. This can be a Bonded Cu-Coin, Press-Fit Cu-Coin or Embedded Cu-Coin.

The methods of dissipating heat for PCB

methods of thermal management

 YMS Metal core PCB manufacturing capabilities:

YMS Metal core PCB manufacturing capabilities overview
Feature capabilities
Layer Count 2-60L
Available Metal core PCB Technology Bonded Cu-Coin, Press-Fit Cu-Coin ,Embedded Cu-Coin.etc.
buried and blind via,laser via
Hybrid High Frequency Material such as RO4350B and FR4 Mix etc.
High Speed Material such as M7NE and FR4 Mix etc.
Material CEM- CEM-1;CEM-2;CEM-4;CEM-5.etc
FR4 EM827, 370HR, S1000-2, IT180A,  IT158,   S1000 / S1155, R1566W, EM285, TU862HF,NP170G etc.
High Speed Megtron6, Megtron4, Megtron7,TU872SLK,   FR408HR,N4000-13 Series,MW4000,MW2000,TU933 etc.
High Frequency Ro3003, Ro3006, Ro4350B, Ro4360G2, Ro4835, CLTE, Genclad, RF35, FastRise27 etc.
Others Polyimide, Tk, LCP, BT, C-ply, Fradflex, Omega   , ZBC2000,PEEK,PTFE,ceramic-based  etc.
Thickness 0.8 mm min
Coin material Thickness 0.8-3.0mm
Minimum line Width and Space 0.05mm/0.05mm(2mil/2mil)
BGA  PITCH 0.35mm
Min Copper coin’s clearance 1.0mm min
Min mechanical Drilled Size 0.15mm(6mil)
Aspect Ratio for through hole 16:1
Surface Finish HASL, Lead free HASL,ENIG,Immersion Tin, OSP, Immersion Silver, Gold Finger, Electroplating Hard Gold, Selective OSP,ENEPIG.etc.
Via Fill Option The via is plated and filled with either conductive or non-conductive epoxy then capped and plated over(VIPPO)
Copper filled, silver filled
Laser via copper plated shut
Registration ±4mil
Solder Mask Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Purple, Matte Black, Matte green.etc.

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