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1Layer Thermoelectric Copper base Board | YMSPCB

Short Description:


  • Layers: 1
  • Thickness:2.4±0.10mm
  • Min.Hole Size:0.5mm
  • Minimum Line Width/Space:0.50mm/0.5mm
  • Size:99mm×99mm
  • Surface treatment:ENIG


  • Countersink Hole
  • Hi-pot Withstand: 6V
  • Composite lamination
  • Thermoelectric Copper base Board 


  • Automobile
  • Urgent model after 24-48 hours / normally after 2-3 days shipping

Product Detail

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Copper base Board production process

Provide the copper plate have pretreated

UV ink is printed on the bending part of copper plate

The surface of copper plate is browned by using browning liquid

Press and drill copper plate covered with UV ink

Electroplate the first finished product

Make outer layer on copper plate

Solder mask printing on copper substrate

V – CUT the second finished product

The bending position of copper plate is surface treated and the finished product is obtained

Check up case ,packing and shipping

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