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4Layer Flex PCB Immersion Gold FPC | YMS PPCB

Short Description:


Layers: 4

Base Material:SF305 ,1OZ,0.45MM finished

Minimum Line Width/Clearance:0.40mm/0.40mm


Surface treatment:Immersion Gold


Special Process:Immersion Gold:4“,0.2mm Fr4 Stifenner


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Immersion Gold

The optimal process conditions were as follows: gold salt concentration (in gold terms)1g/L, organic amine concentration 0.2 mol/L, citric acid 5g/L, operating temperature 50-60℃, solution pH value 9 ~ 10, time control in 5-10min. Under this condition, the effect of chemical deposition is stable, and the color, uniformity and binding force of the deposited gold layer can meet the technical requirements of PCB industry. There is a Study suggests that mainly containing gold chloride acid and organic amine component without cyanide plating liquid system, not only from a technical point of view to meet today's requirements of PCB industry to the chemical zedoary process, and from an environmental point of view to achieve the replacement of highly toxic chemicals, can significantly reduce the harm to environment, is a kind of has a broad application prospect of environmental friendly process.

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