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The Mirror Aluminum Board | YMS PCB

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Layers: 2

Base Material: Aluminum 2.0W/MK 1OZ


Surface treatment:ENIG


Mirror Aluminum Base



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Aluminum plate is a metal base copper clad laminate with the following characteristics such as terrific thermal conductivity, machining property and gas-electric insulation performance.

Generally, there are three standands to gauge appropriately aluminum plate: Thermal conductivity, thermal resistance value and withstanding voltage.Therefore, when it comes to choosing the aluminute plate for the PCB where the above three standards is a major consideration.

Here are some parameters for your reference:

Board thickness:0.2-6.0 mm;

Copper foil thickness: 0.5–6.0 oz;

Thermal conductivity: 1.0–8.0;

Withstanding voltagel: 500V, 250V, etc.

Thermal resistance value:

Common aluminum plate: >1;

High thermal conductivity aluminum plate: <0.5 or <0.1 or less

In a nutshell, high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance are the crucial factors when you are looking for suitable aluminum plate for the PCB.

The application of metal substrate provides a new way to solve the heat dissipation of LED effectively.At Aluminum PCB you can get aluminium core PCBs with a thermal conductivity of 1.0 W/mK to 8 W/mK. The aluminium core helps to distribute the selective heat of heat-intensive components and to make the heat development on the printed circuit board more homogenous.

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