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Aluminum alloy substrate is a special metal substrate, because of its good thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, electrical insulation performance and mechanical processing performance, widely used in the production process of substrate manufacturers, aluminum alloy substrate can be divided into three layers, respectively for the circuit layer (copper foil), insulation layer and metal base.Aluminum substrate pcb is widely used in LED, air conditioning, automobile, oven, electronics, street lamps, high power and so on.

Why can aluminum substrate be so widely used in high-tech products?Thermal expansion performance, dimensional stability, heat dissipation and other properties make aluminum substrate to meet more high requirements of products.With this problem, with YMS professional aluminum substrate manufacturers together to understand.

Now let's introduce the related properties of aluminum substrate

1. Heat dissipation: at present, many double plate, multi-layer plate high density, high power, heat dissipation difficulties.Traditional printing plate substrate such as FR4, CEM3 are conductors with poor thermal conductivity, inter-layer insulation and poor heat dissipation.Do not exclude the local heating of electronic devices, resulting in high temperature failure of electronic devices, and aluminum substrate can solve the problem of heat dissipation.In addition to aluminum substrate, copper substrate heat dissipation is also particularly good, but the price is expensive.

2. Dimensional stability: aluminum based printed board, obviously more stable than the size of insulating material printed board.The aluminum substrate plate and sandwich plate are heated from 30℃ to 140~150℃, and the size range is 2.5~3.0%.

3. Thermal expansion and cold contraction are common properties of substances, and the coefficient of thermal expansion of different substances is different.Aluminum printing board can effectively solve the problem of heat dissipation, reduce the heat expansion and cold contraction of various components on the printed board, improve the durability and reliability of the whole machine and electronic equipment.Especially SMT (surface assembly technology) thermal expansion and cold shrinkage problem.

4. Other reasons: aluminum based printed circuit board, shielding effect, replace fragile ceramic substrate, reliable application of surface mounting technology;Reduce the real effective area of the printed circuit board;Replace radiator and other components, improve the heat resistance and physical properties of the product;Reduce production cost, reduce labor intensity.

The above is the reason why aluminum substrate is widely used, I hope it is helpful to you.We are from China's aluminum substrate supplier - YMS Technology Co., Ltd. Welcome to consult!

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Post time: Feb-21-2021
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