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What is MCPCB?

What is a metal core PCB?

Metal pcb board (MCPCB) or hot PCB is a metal based PCB used in the radiator part of the board.

Metal-core printed circuit board (MCPCB), also known as thermally conductive PCB, is based on auric material as compared to traditional FR4 and is used in the radiator segment of the board.During circuit board operation, heat is generated due to certain electronic components.The purpose of metal is to transfer heat from key circuit board components to secondary areas, such as metal fin backing or metal core.Therefore, these PCBS are easy for thermal management.

The purpose of the MCPCB core is to transfer heat from key circuit board components to secondary areas, such as metal radiator backing or metal core.The base metal in MCPCB can be used as a substitute for FR4 or CEM3 board.

MCPCB is also known as insulated metal substrate (IMS), insulated metal PCB(IMPCB), coated metal PCB and coated metal PCB.

MCPCB consists of insulation layer, metal plate and metal copper foil.

The basic structure of MCPCB includes the following contents:

Resistance welding membrane

The circuit layer

Copper layer - 1 oz.To 6 ounces.(1 to 2 ounces is the most commonly used.)

Dielectric layer

Metal core layer

The radiator

Metal PCB thickness:

The thickness of the metal core in the PCB substrate is usually between 30 and 125 millers, but thicker or thinner plates are possible.

The thickness of MCPCB copper foil can be 1-10 ounces.

The metal core or metal back plate is the thickest material on the plate.The most commonly used thicknesses are 1mm, 1.5mm and 3.2mm.The metal layer provides rigidity, keeps the circuit flat, and provides sufficient thickness to be compatible with the installation hardware implemented on the standard board.The exposed metal side of the circuit board is not coated with surface treatment or flux.

Metal PCB core material: metal used in PCB

The metal core of the thermally conductive PCB can be a mixture of aluminum (aluminum-core PCB), copper (copper-core PCB or heavy copper PCB) or special alloys.The most common is the aluminum core PCB.The metal layer can be aluminum 5052(5052H32), aluminum 6061(6061T6) or copper C1100.

Why use metal core PCB?

Too much heat buildup in printed circuit boards can cause equipment to fail.Electronics that generate a lot of heat cannot always be cooled with conventional fans.Conducting cooling through a metal core plate is an ideal choice.In conductive cooling, heat is transferred from a hotter part to a cooler part by direct contact.It works well because the heat is always trying to move to any cooler object or medium.

Advantages of MCPCB:

Some of the advantages of metal-core PCBS are that they use special substrate materials that have been specially formulated to improve the reliability of designs operating at above-normal temperatures.The substrate is not strictly used as the mounting surface of various components, but actively absorbs heat from the position of the hot running components to the relative layer of the plate, so as to effectively and safely conduct heat dissipation.

These plates have the ability to integrate dielectric polymer layers with high thermal conductivity to reduce thermal resistance.The heat transfer rate of metal core PCB is 8 to 9 times higher than that of FR4 PCB.MCPCB laminate can dissipate heat and keep the heating component at a lower temperature, thus improving performance and life.

The higher the conductivity of the material, the faster the heat transfer.

Metal plates can be etched to control heat displacement components

Aluminum plates tend to weigh less than ceramics.

Metal substrates last longer and conduct better electricity than epoxy products.

The metal is non-toxic and recyclable.

Implemented in high vibration applications.Since the core reduces vibration, the components do not fall off.

Application of metal PCB:

PCB's that require a lot of power usually generate a lot of heat.If your PCB needs to be cooled quickly, it is best to use metal core PCB instead of FR4.MCPCB is the most widely used in LED technology.

Light-emitting diode

Backlight unit

General lighting

The car industry

Motorcycle driver

Solid state relay

Power converter

Electric/hybrid motor control

The solar panels

Motion control

Photovoltaic power generation

Advantages of metal core PCB technology:

When large amounts of heat are required for applications, the insulated metal substrate technology provides many benefits.

Most engineers and designers rely on Metal Core PCB to take advantage of the following (compared to FR4 PCB) :

Excellent heat dissipation

Eliminate radiators and a lot of other hardware

Durability of aluminum

Light weight and strength

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