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Problem to be solved for customized HDI circuit board | YMSPCB

What problems should be solved for customized HDI circuit board?Following:china PCB manufacturers to understand:


High density HDI PCB production equipment features:

As the cost of customized HDI circuit board production line continues to rise, it is also worth considering how to improve the production rate of the current production line and the material price, especially when the price of copper is soaring.These are the problems faced and expected to be solved by manufacturers of customized HDI circuit boards:


What problems should be solved for customized HDI printed circuit board?

1. Choose the electroplating process electroplating coating thickness should be uniform

2. Adopt the standard of plating on the thin copper plate with high current density and the thickness of the copper plating layer shall be uniform and same

3. In view of the through-hole and microhole of HDI, good dispersion of the plating solution is required

4. According to the through-hole and micro-hole of HDI, it is required to have the minimum degree of concave in the same bath

5. Output can be improved by optimizing equipment and current density

6. No serious pollution of copper surface layer, small finish of coating, small serious pollution of plating solution

7. The optimized plating solution can control the copper matrix in the range of 1 ~ 5 M


The above is the introduction of the problems to be solved for customized HDI circuit board. I hope you will like it.We are a PCB factory china. If you need customized PCB, please contact us ~

Post time: Oct-31-2020
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