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1Layer Aluminum base Board | YMSPCB

Short Description:


  • Layers: 1
  • Thickness:1.60±0.12mm
  • Min.Hole Size:1.2mm
  • Minimum Line Width/Space:1.2mm/1.2mm
  • Size:111mm×40mm
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.0W/m.k
  • Surface treatment:ENIG


  • Aluminum base Board


  • Outdoor lighting
  • Urgent model after 24-48 hours / normally after 2-3 days shipping

Product Detail

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Aluminum base Board production process

  1. Laminate Shear and drill.
  2. Dry or wet pattern imaging.
  3. Acid or alkaline etching.
  4. Solder mask and silk screen.
  5. V – CUT and final shaping
  6. Electrical Test and Osp
  7. Check up case ,packing and shipping

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