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Copper Base High Power (Metal core) Board | YMS PCB

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Layers: 2

Base Material: Copper Clad Laminate


Surface treatment:ENIG


Copper Base


Applications:Battery Protection Board/Automobile

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The main reasons for using copper base boards

1. Good heat dissipation:

At present, many 2 layer board and multilayer boards have the advantage of high density and high power, but the heat emission is difficult to be. Normal PCB base material such as FR4, CEM3 is a poor conductor of heat, insulation is between layers, and heat emission cannot go out. Local heating of electronic equipment cannot be eliminated will result in high-temperature failure of electronic components. But the good heat dissipation performance of metal core PCB can solve this heat dissipation problem.

2. Dimensional stability:

Metal core PCB is obviously much more stable in size than printed boards of insulating materials. Aluminum base board and aluminum sandwich board is heating from 30℃ to 140~150℃, its size changes of 2.5~3.0%.

3. Other cause:

Copper base board has shielding effect and replaces brittle ceramic substrate, so it can rest assured to use surface mounting technology to reduce the real effective area of PCB. Copper base board replaces the radiator and other components, improve the heat resistance and physical performance of products and it reduces production costs and labor costs.

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