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Application characteristics of aluminum base board | YMSPCB

Aluminum base board by its own structure, with the following characteristics: thermal conductivity is very good, single-side bound copper, device can only be placed in the bound copper surface, can not open electrical wiring hole so it also can not be placed as a single panel jumper.

In general, a patch device, tube and output rectifier tube are placed on the aluminum base board to conduct heat through the substrate, with low thermal resistance and high reliability.

The transformer adopts planar patch structure, which can also dissipate heat through the substrate, and its temperature rise is lower than that of the conventional one. The transformer of the same specification adopts aluminum base board structure, which can get larger output power.

Due to the excellent thermal conductivity of aluminum base board, it is difficult to weld in small amount by hand. The solder cools too fast, which may cause problems.

Present a simple and practical method, take an ordinary iron for ironing (preferably with a thermostat) , turn it over, ironing, oriented fixed well, the temperature to 150 ℃ or so, put the aluminum base board on top of the iron, the heating time, and then affix components and welding according to the conventional method, the iron temperature with device is easy to weld advisable, high device damage when possible, copper or aluminum plate, low temperature welding effect is bad, be flexible.

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Post time: Sep-09-2019
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