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What’s good about aluminum base PCB | YMSPCB

Aluminum base pcb, we all know that aluminum is a metal, electrical conductivity;

How can it be used as PCB material?

Because aluminum substrate is composed of three layers, namely: copper foil, insulation layer and metallic aluminum.Since there is an insulating layer, in addition to heat dissipation performance, the thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, strength, hardness, weight, surface condition and cost of the metal substrate should also be considered.

In general, considering the cost and technical performance, aluminum substrate is the ideal choice.Available aluminum plate 6061,5052,1060, etc.Copper substrates are also available for higher thermal, mechanical, electrical, and other special properties, but are more expensive.

It is commonly seen on both sides of aluminum substrate PCB. The one side with cover oil is welded with LED pins, while the other side shows the original color of aluminum. Generally, the thermal conductive paste will be applied and then contact with the thermal conductive part.One of the biggest advantages of aluminum substrates over traditional FR-4 is that they can carry a higher current.And fast heat conduction, good heat dissipation performance.

The aluminum substrate can reduce the heat resistance to the minimum, so that the aluminum substrate has excellent heat conduction performance;Compared with ceramic substrate, its mechanical properties are excellent.In addition to good heat dissipation performance;


Aluminum substrate also has the following advantages:

In line with RoHS environmental protection requirements, it is more suitable for SMT process with higher current carrying capacity to deal with heat diffusion in circuit design scheme, so as to reduce module operating temperature, extend service life, and improve power density and reliability;

Reduce the assembly of radiators and other hardware (including thermal interface materials), reduce the volume of products, and reduce hardware and assembly costs;Optimize the combination of power circuit and control circuit.


The above is about the advantages of aluminum substrate, I hope you will like it!We are a PCB factory, welcome you to consult our PCB products ~

Post time: Sep-23-2020
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