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Performance characteristics of aluminum substrate pcb for LED point light source | YMS

Want to know the performance characteristics of LED point light source aluminum substrate pcb, along with our aluminum substrate supplier manufacturers to understand.

LED point light source aluminum substrate is a printed circuit board made of aluminum alloy, also known as metal base copper clad plate. This aluminum substrate has good heat dissipation function, thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance and mechanical processing performance.

Insulation layer is the core technology of LED point light source aluminum substrate pcb, which mainly plays the functions of bonding, insulation and heat conduction.Aluminum substrate insulation layer is the largest thermal conductivity barrier in power module structure.

The better the heat conduction performance of the insulation layer of the aluminum substrate of LED point light source, the more conducive to the diffusion of heat generated during the operation of the device, and the more conducive to reducing the operating temperature of the device, so as to improve the power load of the module, reduce the volume, prolong the life, improve the power output and other purposes.

Since LED entered the field of lighting, the initial form of lamp beads directly welded on the plate, first 3528,5050, and then 3014,2835.But the disadvantage of this approach is that there are many processes, LED packaging and SMT, high cost, more heat transfer and other problems.So COB was introduced into the LED field at this time.

Traditional LED: "LED light source discrete device → MCPB light source module →LED lamp", mainly due to the lack of ready-made appropriate core light source components and the approach taken, not only consumption of labor and time, and high cost.

COB package "COB light source module →LED lamp", multiple chips can be directly packaged in the metal-based printed circuit board MPCBs, direct heat dissipation through the substrate, saving the cost of primary LED packaging, optical engine module production cost and secondary light distribution cost.

In terms of performance, through reasonable design and microlens modeling, COB light source module can effectively avoid the disadvantages of point light, glare and so on existing in the combination of separate light source devices.The color rendering of the light source can be improved effectively by adding appropriate red chip combination without obviously reducing the efficiency and life of the light source.

The light source of a COB aluminum substrate is a single light source with a single chip.

The above is the performance characteristics of LED point light source aluminum substrate pcb, we are professional aluminum substrate manufacturers, I hope this article can be helpful to you!

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Post time: Jan-06-2021
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