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What Causes The Temperature Rise Of Aluminum Base Pcb | YMS PCB

PCB, Chinese name is printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board, is an important electronic components, is the support of electronic components, electronic components is the carrier of electrical connection.Because they are made with electronic printing technology, they are called printed circuit boards.Next, Yong Ming Sheng aluminum substrate pcb manufacturer explain the cause of the aluminum substrate PCB temperature rise.

Temperature rise factor analysis of printed circuit board

The direct cause of the temperature rise of PCB on aluminum substrate is the existence of power consumption devices in the circuit. The power consumption of electronic devices varies to varying degrees, and the heating intensity varies with the power consumption.

Two phenomena of temperature rise in printed boards:

(1) local temperature rise or large area temperature rise;

(2) Short-term or long-term temperature rise.

Generally, the thermal power consumption of PCB is analyzed from the following aspects:

1.Electrical power consumpti

(1) Analyze power consumption per unit area;

(2) Analyze the power distribution on PCB board.

2.Structure of printed circuit board

(1) Dimensions of printed circuit boards;

(2) Printed circuit board materials.

3.Printed circuit board installation method

(1) Installation mode (such as vertical installation, horizontal installation);

(2) the sealing condition and the distance from the casing.

4.heat conduction

(1) install the radiator;

(2) conduction of other installation structural parts.

5.thermal radiation

(1) the radiation coefficient of the printed circuit board surface;

(2) the temperature difference between the printed circuit board and the adjacent surface and their temperature;

6.heat convection

(1) natural convection;

(2) Forced cooling convection.

The analysis of various factors is an effective way to solve the temperature rise of the printed board, often in a product and system these factors are interrelated and dependent, most of the factors should be analyzed according to the actual situation, only for a specific actual situation can accurately calculate or estimate the temperature rise and power consumption and other parameters.

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Post time: Mar-25-2021
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