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Aluminum base board how much money a square meter _ aluminum PCB structure with advantages

Classification of aluminium base board

There are three types of aluminum clad copper plates:

1. General type aluminum clad copper panel, the insulation layer is composed of epoxy glass cloth bonding sheet;

2. High heat dissipation aluminum clad copper plate, insulation layer by high thermal conductivity of epoxy resin or other resin composition;

3. Aluminum-based copper clad plate is used for high-frequency circuit, and the insulation layer is composed of polyolefin resin or polyimide resin glass cloth bonding sheet.

The biggest difference between aluminum-based copper clad plate and conventional fr-4 copper clad plate lies in its heat dissipation. Compared with aluminum-based copper clad plate with a thickness of 1.5mm, the thermal resistance of the former is 20 ~ 22℃, and that of the latter is 1.0 ~ 2.0℃, but the latter is much smaller.


led pcb aluminum

Performance of aluminum base board

(1) Heat Dissipation

At present, many double-layer boards, multi-layer boards are high density, high power, and heat emission are difficult. Conventional Metal PCB, such as FR4 and CEM3, are poor conductors of heat, insulation between layers, heat emission does not go out. Local heating of electronic equipment can not be eliminated, resulting in high-temperature failure of electronic components, and aluminum base board can solve this heat dissipation problem.

(2) Thermal Expansion

Expansion by heat and contraction by cold are the common nature of matter. Aluminum base board can effectively solve the problem of heat dissipation, thus relieving the problem of thermal expansion and cold contraction of the components on the PCB, and improving the durability and reliability of the whole machine and electronic equipment. Especially to solve the problem of SMT (surface mount technology) expansion and contraction.

(3) Dimensional Stability

Aluminum based boards are obviously much more stable in size than insulated printed boards. Aluminum base board, aluminum sandwich board, heating from 30℃ to 140~150℃, size change for 2.5~3.0%.

(4) Other Reasons

Aluminum base board with shielding function, replace brittle ceramic substrate,f eel free to use surface installation technology, reduce the effective area of PCB, replace the radiator and other components, improve the heat resistance and physical performance of products and reduce production costs and labor.


aluminum base board pcb

Aluminum base board construction

(1) Metal Substrate

Aluminum base material, using LF, L4M and Ly12 aluminum, requires an expansion strength of 30kgf/mm2 and an extension rate of 5%. Bergquist aluminum base in the United States is divided into 1.0, 1.6, 2.0, 3.2mm4, the aluminum model is 6061T6 or 5052H34. Matsushita electric, sumitomo r-0710, r-0771, alc-1401, alc-1370 and other models are aluminum-base copper clad plates with the thickness of 1.0~3.2mm.

(2) Insulation Layer

Insulation, usually 50 to 200um. If too thick, can play an insulating role, prevent short circuit with metal base effect is good, but will affect the emission of heat. If too thin, can better heat dissipation, but easy to cause the metal core and component lead short circuit.

Insulation layer (or semi-curing sheet), placed on anodized, insulated aluminum plate, bonded together by laminating surface copper.


aluminum base baord pcb

Aluminum base board advantages

Aluminum clad copper plate is a kind of metal circuit board material, composed of copper foil, thermal insulation layer and metal substrate, its structure is divided into three layers:

Cireuitl.Layer: equivalent to common PCB copper clad plate, thickness of copper foil 1oz to 10oz.

Insulation Layer: insulation layer is a layer of thermal conductivity insulation material with low thermal resistance. Thickness: 0.003 “to 0.006″ is the core technology of aluminum-based copper clad panels, which have been UL certified.

BaseLayer base: it is a metal substrate, usually aluminum or optionally copper. Aluminum – based copper clad plate and traditional epoxy glass cloth laminate, etc.

PCB material has incomparable advantages compared with other materials. Suitable for SMT surface mount of power components.

Without radiator, the volume is greatly reduced, heat dissipation effect is excellent, good insulation and mechanical performance.


aluminum core pcb

Aluminum PCB how much money a square meter

Due to some factors of aluminum base board, the quotation of circuit board is settled according to the area, not according to the length of the quotation.

Of course, this also depends on the raw material of circuit board, after all, the quotation of different raw materials is still not the same.

If you meet the understanding of circuit board, then you must also know that aluminum base board quotation and base board thickness, but not only these, manufacturing technology is not the same will affect the quotation of course.

So the price of the final factory circuit board becomes variable, no one knows how much it is priced.

Want to know the price of aluminum base board, please contact us, China aluminum base board manufacturer!

Post time: Sep-03-2019
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