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Aluminum pcb led substrate production matters needing attention | YMS

What are the precautions for the production of aluminum pcb led substrate?Then Yongmingsheng professional aluminum substrate manufacturers to tell you.

1.mechanical processing

Drilling of aluminum substrate is OK, but after drilling, no burr is allowed in the edge of the hole, which will affect the pressure test.Milling out the shape is very difficult.And the shape of the demand for the use of high-grade mold, mold manufacturing is very tricks, which is also one of the difficulties for aluminum substrate.After the shape of the flush, the marginal request is very neat, without any burr, do not touch the solder resistance layer of the edge of the plate.Usually use the operation mode, the hole from the line, the shape from the aluminum surface, the circuit board punching force is cut down, and so on are tips.After punching the shape, the warpage of the board should be less than 0.5%.


After etching, the line width must meet the requirements of the customer's drawings. The residual copper is not allowed, nor can it be scraped off with a knife. The knife will scratch the insulation layer, causing sparks and electricity leakage in the voltage test.

3.engineering design line width compensation

Copper thickness, line width must be compensated, otherwise after etching line width out of tolerance, the customer is not acceptable, line width compensation value must experience stacking.

4.the uniformity of printing resistance welding

Graphic etching after the line copper thickness is abnormal, printing resistance welding is very difficult, skip, too thick and too thin customers do not bear.How to print this layer of green oil is also one of the difficulties.

5.all the production process is not allowed to wipe the aluminum base surface

Aluminum base surface by hand contact, or through some chemical drugs will produce surface discoloration, blackening.This is certainly not acceptable, and some customers do not accept the aluminum base surface from scratch.So the whole process does not touch, do not touch the aluminum substrate surface is also one of the difficulties in the production of aluminum substrate.

LED aluminum substrate products came out, opening the development of heat dissipation application industry.Due to the excellent heat dissipation of LED aluminum substrate, aluminum substrate has the advantages of low thermal resistance, long life, voltage resistance and so on.With the improvement of production technology and equipment, the product price accelerates rationalization, and then expands the application field of LED lighting industry.Such as commercial lighting, indoor lighting.From the overall situation, LED aluminum substrate in the next few years will still maintain a high speed of development, ushered in a period of rapid growth.

The above is the content of the matters needing attention in the production of LED lamp aluminum substrate, I hope to help you, we are a professional PCB aluminum substrate manufacturer from China, welcome to consult!

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Post time: Jan-26-2021
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