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Aluminum substrate is a composite material of resin, aluminum and copper foil.The coefficient of thermal expansion of resins is quite different from that of aluminium and copper foil.Therefore, under the action of external force and heating, the stress distribution in the plate is not uniform.

If there are water molecules and some low molecular matter in the pore of the plate interface, the concentrated stress will be larger under the condition of thermal shock.If the adhesives are unable to resist these internal destructive forces, layering and foaming between the copper foil and the substrate, or the substrate, occurs at the weak interface.

In order to improve the welding resistance of aluminum substrate, it is necessary to reduce the damage caused by various factors to the interface structure during sheet forming and high temperature.The improvement methods mainly include surface treatment of copper foil and aluminum foil, improvement of resin adhesive, control of pressure and temperature, etc.

Aluminum substrate processing

At present, under the rapid development trend of LED and other industries, aluminum substrate has developed very rapidly and is facing more opportunities and challenges. Of course, more is how to deal with high heat dissipation and other problems.In the future, more and more domestic enterprises will catch up with foreign advanced technologies, improve production processes and increase the added value of their products through technological innovation and industrial cooperation.

Enhanced peel strength

The bonding strength of aluminum interface is generally determined by two aspects: one is the bonding force between aluminum matrix and adhesive aluminum matrix (thermal conductive insulation adhesive);The second is the adhesive force between the adhesive and the resin.If the aluminum base glue can penetrate into the aluminum base surface layer well, and the processing of aluminum base plate can be chemically cross-linked with the main resin well, the high peel strength of the aluminum base plate can be guaranteed.

The surface treatment methods of aluminum are oxidation, stretching, etc., by increasing the surface area of aluminum to improve the bonding performance.The ordinary oxidation surface area is much larger than the tensile surface area, but the oxidation itself varies greatly.It is widely recognized in the industry that there are many controlled factors in the oxidation of aluminum materials. Once the control is not good, it will lead to the loosening of the oxide film and other situations. At present, the quality stability control in the production process of many domestic aluminum oxide enterprises is an urgent problem to be solved.

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