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Description of FPC flexible circuit board copy time | YMSPCB

In the FPC flexible circuit board copying process, the customer asked the most question is time.


1Layer FPC

Due to the unique characteristics of different FPC flexible circuit board, FPC board layer number and size will affect the board copying cycle, so FPC flexible circuit board copying time usually need to see the real thing before determining the board copying cycle.

The more simple FPC flexible circuit board board copying time is shorter, the most important factor affecting the board cycle length is the number of board layer, the number of board layer usually determines the size of board copying workload.

Single and double-layer FPC flexible circuit board copying time is less than two days, that is, a single day can copy the board, a small number of components of the number of double panels may need about two days, that is, the next day can complete the board copying.


2Layer FPC

FPC board copying time on the fourth floor can also be completed within 3 working days. For special FPC board copying time on the fourth floor, it may take three days or more.

The six-layer FPC flexible circuit board can be copied in four days, and few need more than four days;

The basic number of layers on the board each increase a layer, need to use 1 day or so of time.


Mutilayer FPC

Post time: Sep-02-2019
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