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Flexible Print Circuit 2Layer | YMSPCB

Short Description:


  • Layers: 2
  • Base Material:SF230 ,1OZ,0.2MM finished
  • Minimum Line Width/Clearance:0.25mm/0.25mm
  • Size:136mm×36mm
  • Surface treatment:Immersion Gold


  • Special Process:0.2mm Fr-4 Stiffener,Gold Finger


  • Medical Instrument
  • Urgent model after 24-48 hours / normally after 2-3 days shipping

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What is a flex PCB stiffener?

The purpose of the stiffener is to strengthen the mechanical strength of FPC (flexible circuit board) on account of facilitating the mounting of components on the PCB surface, etc.

The types of stiffener used in the flexible circuit board are various, which mainly depends on the requirements of the product, such as PET, PI, adhesive, metal or resin stiffener, etc.

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