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Folding screen and 5G become the innovation direction of FPC communication products

Flexible screen is also called OLED screen. Compared with traditional screen, flexible screen is thinner in size and lower in power consumption than original devices, which helps to improve the battery life of the device. Meanwhile, due to its good flexibility and flexibility, flexible screen is much more durable than previous screens, reducing the probability of accidental damage of the device. FPC has the characteristics of light weight, flexible, winding, folding and high wiring density, which perfectly fits the development theme of light weight and miniaturization. In recent years, FPC has become the leader of PCB segment industry.The increasing application of FPC in mobile phones will become an established trend, which also makes the FPC market present a positive situation.

With the official release of 5G standard SA scheme by 3GPP, and the increased layout of the three major operators in 5G research and development, testing, industrial chain and application, 5G commercial has entered a full sprint period.Industry insiders said that as the commercial phase of 5G approaches, it will drive the market scale of relevant industries to expand rapidly, and the FPC flexible circuit board industry, as an important component of mobile phones, will also get a huge development opportunity, and is expected to usher in a new round of large-scale expansion and upgrading.5G commercial application will create a super market for the FPC industry and even the whole semiconductor industry, which will be brought into a new round of growth by 5G technology.

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Post time: Aug-21-2019
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