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Description and method of FPC flexible circuit board

FPC flexible circuit board in the production process, in order to save costs, improve production efficiency and shorten the production cycle, often adopt the way of panel production, rather than single production.

Usually FPC FPC flexible circuit board has three ways of assembly: conventional assembly, inclined assembly and inverted assembly. All the assembly ways must follow the principle of least material on the premise of being able to produce.

FPC flexible circuit board in the assembly, you need to follow the following principles

1. In each process can be produced under the premise, the panel as much as possible "squeeze".

The so-called "squeeze", is to reduce the distance between adjacent plates, so as to reduce the size of the entire panel, save production materials and reduce production costs.

2. The spacing between single plates should be at least greater than 2mm, which is to meet the needs of placing and positioning holes. In the mass production process, molding generally adopts the mode of die punching.

In the process of sample production, laser cutting and forming are generally used. In order to avoid the slight deviation and prevent the whole deviation of the situation, the single pieces cannot be directly connected to each other, so that the two pieces do not affect each other.

3. Etch characters shall be added to the panel, and the size and quantity of the panel shall be briefly explained, so as to facilitate the verification and verification in subsequent production.

4. Add positioning holes at the four corners of the entire panel, and choose one corner to mark different positioning holes, so as to keep the same direction in the subsequent production process, so as not to lead to the return of sealing film and character printing.

5. The width of the imposition shall be fixed at 250mm, and the length shall be within 250mm as far as possible.The larger the size, the larger the offset, the worse the production accuracy, the higher the defect rate.

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