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What is the principle and process of PCB copy board | YMSPCB

PCB copy board, the industry is often called circuit board copy board, circuit board clone, circuit board copy, PCB clone, PCB reverse planning or PCB reverse research and development.

In other words, under the premise of existing electronic products and circuit board products, reverse r&d technology is used to stop the reverse analysis of circuit board, and the original product’s PCB file, BOM file, schematic diagram file and other technical documents as well as PCB screen printing production files are restored by stopping 1:1.

Then use these technical documents and production documents to stop PCB making board, components welding, flying needle inspection, circuit board debugging, complete the original circuit board model of the missing copy.

About PCB copy board, many people do not understand what is PCB copy board, some people even think PCB copy board is copycat.

Copycat in our understanding is the meaning of simulation, but PCB copy board is definitely not simulation. The purpose of PCB copy board is to learn the latest foreign electronic circuit planning technology, and then absorb excellent planning scheme, and then use it to develop more excellent planning products.

With the development and deepening of the board copying profession from time to time, today’s PCB board copying concept has been extended in a wider range, no longer limited to the simple circuit board imitation and cloning, but also touch the secondary development of products and new product development.

For example, through analysis of the existing product technical documents, planning thoughts, structure characteristics, technology and so on the understanding and discussion, can provide the feasibility analysis for new product development planning and competitive refer to, help timely follow up the latest technology to carry out research and development planning unit trend, timely adjustment to improve product planning, research and development the most has the market competitive new products.

The process of PCB copying board is able to complete the rapid update, upgrade and secondary development of all types of electronic products through the extraction and partial correction of technical data files. According to the document diagram and schematic diagram extracted from the PCB, professional planners can also optimize the PCB stopping planning and changing board according to customers’ wishes.

Also be able to add new function or stop function characteristics of the product from the beginning of planning, such a new function of the product will be the fastest speed and a new attitude, not only have their own intellectual property rights, but also in the market bo got the first chance, for customers to bring two layers of benefits.

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Post time: Sep-01-2020
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