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About FPC normal proofing and urgent proofing instructions | YMSPCB

From a FPC soft circuit board schematic design, to the first proofing test function confirmed before mass production, proofing production needs time process, divided into normal proofing and urgent proofing what is the difference?

Generally, FPC engineers will draw the structure graph of FPC circuit board according to different specifications of customers' products. The main structure layers can be divided into single-layer flexible board, double-layer flexible board, multi-layer flexible board, and Flex-Rigid board.

Then FPC proofing is conducted according to the circuit board diagram drawn by FPC engineers, that is, FPC samples are mainly used to test the performance of customer products.


Mutilayer FPC

I. FPC normal proofing instructions:

1. Make samples of the designed documents, from the first step of material opening to the last step of packaging and shipping, generally there are at least 20-30 production processes, mainly according to the manufacturing process requirements of circuit board and the degree of difficulty to evaluate the length of production time.

2. The normal proofing cycle of single-layer board is 3-4 days, that of double-layer board is 4-5 days, that of multi-layer flexible board is 7-8 days, and that of multi-layer Flex-Rigid board is 14-15 days.

3. According to the regular process, after one process is completed, the staff of the department will transfer to the next process to confirm the quantity production, step by step until the final inspection of finished products and shipment.


1Layer FPC

Ii.FPC urgent proofing instructions:

1. According to the documents provided by customers, the company needs to send professionals to follow up the production process and progress. Generally, there are at least 20-30 production processes from the first process of material opening to the last process of packaging and shipping.

2. The normal proofing cycle of a single-layer board is 1-2 working days, the proofing cycle of a double-layer board is 2 working days, the proofing cycle of a multi-layer flexible board is 5 working days, and the proofing cycle of a multi-layer Flex-Rigid board is 9-10 working days (the calculation time shall be based on the production document EQ designed by the engineer).

3. From ordering to arranging orders according to the production process of urgent proofing, products must be processed and produced at the first time in each process, and professional follow-up personnel shall be responsible for the whole process of follow-up, until the product production is completed. Urgent proofing reflects the two words "fast".


2Layer FPC


Post time: Aug-26-2019
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