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Basic knowledge of iron base board

Iron base board is a kind of applied to high-end motors, high-end product equipment and the metal on the motor cooling substrate, widely used currently on the market, exported to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Canada and other countries, the iron base board hardness to aluminum base board of manufacturing process and the difficulty will be much larger, general factory is very difficult to master the technology, cost and scrap rate is relatively higher.


COB alloy aluminum

Most iron base board in the market is single-layer aluminum base board (green oil iron base board), double-layer iron base board, the thickness is generally 1mm-6mm, iron base board has a line layer: equivalent to ordinary PCB copper base  board, line copper foil thickness loz to 8oz.

Iron base board process is generally: (1) grinding board (500# brush)→ (2) washing → (3) passivation → (4) washing ×3→ (5) blow dry → (6) drying, grinding board: only grinding iron surface, according to FR4 parameters grinding board.The front plate shall be checked for no scratch, black tin surface and even grinding mark.

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Post time: Nov-26-2019
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