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Discussion on the development status of FPC flexible circuit board industry | YMSPCB

  With the upgrading of electronic products, consumer electronic products such as smart phones, tablet computers and wearable devices are developing faster and faster.

  Flexible printed circuit board with its advantages, more and more widely applied in the field of electronic products, mainly its characteristic was also cater to the electronic products need in thin, occupies the important position in the electronics, FPC flexible circuit board industry also won.

  PCB circuit board is usually divided into two categories, one is rigid circuit board, the other is flexible circuit board.

1layer  Cem-3 Stiffener flexible board

1layer  Cem-3 Stiffener flexible board

  Flexible circuit board, also known as FPC soft board, has the advantages of light weight, thin thickness, good bendability, high wiring density, less wiring space restrictions, and so on.

  As a global consumer electronics manufacturing power, FPC has a huge demand in China, China FPC enterprises are ushered in rapid development.

  The capacity of flexible circuit board in China is expanding rapidly. At present, some core raw materials of FPC products, such as flexible copper clad plate, conductive rubber film, shielding film, etc. are still in the hands of foreign enterprises. Domestic FPC manufacturers in China have a weak ability to participate in the international market competition, and the overall market share is low. At present, there is a certain gap between China’s FPC enterprises and foreign advanced manufacturers, but China’s FPC is also gradually realizing its own technological innovation and mastering the core technology, narrowing the gap with foreign countries.

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Post time: Aug-12-2019
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