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Flex PCB Manufacturing 1layer Cem-3 Stiffener | YMSPCB

Short Description:


  • Layers: 1
  • Base Material:Polyimide,0.5OZ,0.135MM finished
  • Minimum Line Width/Clearance:1.0mm/0.8mm
  • Size:100mm×60mm
  • Surface treatment:Lead Free Hasl


  • Special Process:
  • 3M Adhesive Tape on the bottom
  • 0.2mm Cem-3 Stiffener


  • Visual equipment
  • Urgent model after 24-48 hours / normally after 2-3 days shipping

Product Detail

Product Tags

Application of FPC

1. Computer and External Equipment: HDD, laptop, transmission line, printer, scanner, keyboard, etc.

2. Communication and Office Equipment: cell phone, photocopier, fiber-optic switch, laser communication device, etc.

3. Communication Electronic Equipment: camera, CVCR, LCD with plasma TV, etc.

4. Automotive: display instrument, ignition and break switch system, exhaust controller, anti-lock brake system, Onboard mobile phones and satellite positioning systems, etc.

5. Industrial Instruments and Equipment: sensor, electronic device, nuclear magnetic analyzer, X-ray, laser or infrared light control instrument and electronic weighing apparatus, etc.

6. Medical Equipment: cardiac pacemaker, endoscope, digital signal processing hearing aid, ultrasonic therapy instrument, nerve activation device, diagnostic equipment and program controller, etc

7. Aerospace and Military: satellite, spacecraft, rocket and missile controllers, remote sensing and telemetry devices, radar systems, navigation devices, gyroscopes, spy reconnaissance equipment, anti-tank rocket weapons, etc

8. Integrated Circuit: IC sealing and loading board, IC magnetic card core board, etc

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