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FPC flexible circuit board testing methods and standards

The test range includes single side, double side and multilayer flexible printed circuit.Flexible circuit board mentioned in this standard refers to single, double and multi-layer flexible copper foil substrate based on polyimide (PI) or polyester (PET), including flexible copper foil substrate with Adhesive, 3L-FCCL or Adhesive, 2L-FCCL. The purpose of the test is to establish a general rule for the appearance quality discrimination of flexible circuit board, and the discrimination basis for the appearance quality rejection of flexible circuit board products is helpful to improve manufacturing technology and reduce the waste of resources and environmental pollution caused by unnecessary scrapping.Test method the test method takes the visual inspection, the magnifying glass, the ruler and the gauge as the main inspection method and the tool, may use other suitable test instrument or the equipment to carry on the inspection when necessary.

1Layer Black solder mask Flexible Board

1Layer Black solder mask Flexible Board

  Basic test standards:

  1. Appearance of base board film surface;

  2. Appearance of covering layer;

  3. Deviation between connecting layer and covering layer;

  4. The seepage of adhesive and covering coating;

  5. The conductor under the covering layer discoloration, after the temperature 40℃, humidity 90%, 96 hours of moisture resistance test, must still meet the voltage resistance, bending resistance, bending resistance, welding resistance requirements;

  6. Coating coating leakage;

  7. Poor plating bonding.

  Notes: flexible circuit board (hereinafter referred to as FPC)

1layer  Cem-3 Stiffener flexible board

1layer  Cem-3 Stiffener flexible board

  The conductor part of FPC shall be treated with surface coating (anti-rust), such as: plating, gold, OSP, tin plating, etc.Corrosive gases should be avoided in the storage environment, and the temperature should be controlled at 20+/-5 ° c, and the relative humidity should be controlled below 70%R.H.Under the above storage conditions, the effective storage period is 6 months after leaving the factory.

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