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How is aluminum base board cleaned during processing?

Aluminum base board is now widely used in the led and electronic cooling industry, led lights, mobile phone screen, etc., have its shadow.Aluminum base board with excellent heat dissipation and toughness, gradually replace the traditional ceramic substrate.

Aluminum base board in the production and processing process, also need to carry out a one-step cleaning process, cleaning the residual oil, rosin, etc.

So how to solve the problem of surface cleaning of aluminum base board?

First, the aluminum base board cleaning should pay attention to two points:

1. Do not oxidize.

2. Do not corrosion aluminum base board surface, aluminum properties are very active, very easy to be corroded, so this should be paid special attention to;

To do these two points, will have to find the right methods and products, traditional likes to use strong alkali cleaning, such as NaOH, but use, product safety or environmental protection, cleaning effect is not stable, may cause corrosion phenomenon, so now commonly used environmental protection cleaner, non-toxic anti-corrosion and more environmental protection, not only can effectively clean the oil pollution of aluminum base board , rosin, etc.

When using, the environmental cleaning agent is dissolved in water in proportion, and then the aluminum base board needs to be cleaned and added to the cleaning tank, heating, preferably using ultrasonic, can significantly speed up the efficiency.In this way, the cleaning can be completed in a few minutes.

So how to clean aluminum base board , have you learned?


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Post time: Aug-30-2019
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