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In PCB: what is the difference between aluminum PCB and fr-4 PCB | YMSPCB

I. what is aluminum substrate

Aluminum substrate is a kind of metal base copper clad board with good heat dissipation function. Generally, a single panel consists of three layers, namely, circuit layer (copper foil), insulation layer and metal base layer.

For high-end use, there are also 2 layer board, the structure of the circuit layer, insulation layer, aluminum base, insulation layer, circuit layer.

Very few applications for multi-layer board, can be made of ordinary multi-layer board and insulation layer, aluminum base.


Aluminum  Base Board

II: Aluminum substrate layer structure

1. Circuit layer: the circuit layer (generally electrolytic copper foil) is etched to form a printed circuit, which is used to realize the assembly and connection of devices.

Compared with the traditional fr-4, the aluminum substrate can carry higher current with the same thickness and line width.

2. Insulation layer: insulation layer is the most core technology of aluminum substrate, which mainly plays the functions of bonding, insulation and heat conduction. Aluminum substrate insulation layer is the largest thermal conductivity barrier in power module structure.

The better the heat conduction performance of the insulation layer is, the more conducive it is to the diffusion of heat generated during the operation of the device, and the more conducive it is to reducing the operating temperature of the device, so as to increase the power load of the module, reduce the volume, prolong the life and increase the power output.

3. Metal base: the insulation metal substrate which metal, need to depend on the metal substrate thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, strength, hardness, weight, surface condition and cost of comprehensive consideration.


Led lighting aluminum PCB

What is PCB board

A Printed Circuit Board is also called the PCB. Usually on the insulation material, according to the predetermined design, into printed circuit, printed components or a combination of the conductive graphics called printed circuit.

And on the insulation substrate to provide electrical connections between components conductive graphics, known as printed lines. In this way, printed circuit or printed circuit product board called printed circuit board, also known as printed board or printed circuit board.

According to the number of layers, it can also be divided into: A. single-layer board. B. double-layer board. C. multi-layer board.

According to the structure: can also be divided into ordinary hole board and blind buried hole board.


Copper Base Board

Three: Aluminum substrate and PCB board difference

For some just engaged in aluminum substrate industry partners will always have such a question, that is, what is the difference between aluminum substrate and PCB board, for this question and the following Chinese circuit board manufacturers on the specific to say to you what are the differences between the two?

PCB board and aluminum base board are designed in accordance with the requirements of PCB board. Currently, the aluminum base PCB board in the market is generally single-sided aluminum base board.

PCB board is a large type, aluminum base board is just a type of PCB board, aluminum fund belongs to the board, because it has good thermal conductivity, generally used in the LED industry.

Generally speaking, PCB board is copper base board, which is divided into single-layer board and double-layer board, the material used between the two is obviously different;

The main material of aluminum base board is aluminum, and the main material of PCB is copper. Aluminum base board due to its special PP material. Cooling is better. It’s also expensive.

The comparison of the two in heat dissipation, the performance of aluminum substrate in heat dissipation is more superior and PCB board, its thermal conductivity is not the same aluminum substrate is a PCB, the price of aluminum substrate is more expensive.

Post time: Aug-29-2019
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