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What are the factors that affect the price of heavy copper board?

Heavy copper pcb production is OEM products for OEM customers. Products customized by different customers are different, and there are few Shared products.

On the other hand, for the consideration of quality, some customers may also specify the use of a manufacturer's substrate, or ink, etc., to meet their quality and cost control requirements, so there are variable prices for professional heavy copper pcb production.

Heavy copper pcb production

1. Materials used for making heavy copper pcb (e.g., material thickness)

Take the common double panel as an example, the board material generally has epoxy board, composite copper foil board, etc., the thickness of the board varies from a few millimeters to a few meters, the copper thickness is different, all of these in the board material on a large price difference;

In the resistance to welding ink, common thermosetting oil and photosensitive green oil also have a certain price difference, so the different materials caused the price diversity.

2. Heavy copper pcb manufacturing process (i.e., process cost affects the price)

Heavy copper pcb production, different production processes will cause different costs, such as gold plate and spray tin plate, the appearance of the gong (milling) plate and the (stamping) plate, using silk printing lines and dry film lines will form different costs, resulting in price diversity.

3. Yield affects the price (the more advanced the general technology, the more favorable the price will be)

The level of the customer's requirements will directly affect the rate of finished products of PCB factory. The rate of finished products is too low to meet the customer's requirements, so the customer asks to return to the factory, which results in different costs of the board factory, and finally leads to the changeable product price.

4. The production area partly influences the price

At present, there are some differences in prices in different regions geographically. The well-known heavy copper pcb manufacturers usually adjust PCB prices according to different payment methods. Therefore, different regions also lead to the diversity of prices.

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