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What is bare board testing?

PCB bare board needs RoHS test?

PCB board is also called circuit board, mainly used in electronic components, is the carrier of electronic components.When PCB board needs to be tested for RoHS, how should it be tested?

PCB board is mainly composed of three materials: welding pad, substrate and paint. Each material can be tested separately.For example, when the welding pad needs to be tested separately, the welding pad material on the PCB board can be used for RoHS test.Of course, the whole PCB board can be mixed with materials.

PCB board RoHS test process

1. Fill in the application form (clearly fill in the company name, address, contact person and contact method, sample name, report language, report collection method, etc.);

2. Send samples (50g solids, finished products, we will split and inform the amount of split materials);

3. Confirm the quotation information and return it with signature and seal (Fax:0755-26966270);

4. Make the case for test (the test cycle is 5 working days, and the test report is subject to the actual date);

5. Report upon completion of the test;

6. Confirm receipt of the original report and upload it to our website;

7. Complete.


pcb bare board

Post time: Apr-04-2020
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