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What is a flexible rigid PCB?Next, Yong Ming Sheng flexible pcb manufacturing with you to understand.

flexible printed circuit

Flexible printed circuit

What is FPC Flexible Circuit Board?

Flexible circuit board, also known as FPC soft board, is a printed circuit made of flexible insulation substrate.It has many advantages over hard printed circuit boards.For example, it can bend, curl and fold freely, and can be arranged according to the requirements of the spatial layout.And can move and expand freely in 3D space, so as to realize the integration of component assembly and wire connection.The use of FPC soft board can greatly reduce the volume of electronic products.It is suitable for the development of electronic products towards high density, miniaturization and high reliability.

What is a PCB rigid circuit board?

Printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board, is an important component in electronics, is the support of electronic components, electronic components is the electrical connection of the carrier.The name “printed” circuit board derives from its use of electronic printing technology.By using the printed board, it can avoid the manual wiring error, realize the electronic components automatic insert or paste, automatic soldering, automatic detection and other functions.Ensure the quality of electronic products, improve labor productivity, reduce costs, easy to maintain.

Rigid and flexible PCBs are designed differently because of their different uses.

flex circuit board

Flex circuit board

So, what factors should be considered when designing?

Here are some things to keep in mind when designing:

1. The three dimensional space of flexible printed circuits is important because bending and flexible applications save space and reduce laminates.

2. Compared with rigid plates, flexible plates have lower tolerance requirements, allowing a wider tolerance range.

3. Because the wings can bend, they are designed to be slightly longer than required.

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