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Metal core PCB materials, including aluminum base board, copper base board, iron base board. Aluminum is popular in the LED lamp market due to cost advantages.

Metal core PCB means that the core (base) material of the PCB is metal, rather than the usual FR4/ cem1-3 and other metals currently most commonly used by MCPCB manufacturers are aluminum, copper and steel alloys.

Aluminum has good heat transfer and heat dissipation ability, but relatively cheap. Copper has better properties but is relatively more expensive. Steel can be divided into ordinary steel and stainless steel. It is harder than aluminum and copper, but also less conductive. People choose their basic/core materials according to the application.


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Aluminum Base Board

Aluminum base board, also known as aluminum PCB, metal core PCB, MCPCB, IMS (insulating metal substrate).

Aluminum Base Board has 3 parts:

1. Circuit layer (copper layer)

This is the printed circuit copper foil layer, from 1.0 oz to 8.0 oz (35um-280um). Min. Trace/space 5/5mil (0.127/0.127mm)

2. The Dielectric Layer (Insulated Layer)

If the raw material has a good price and delivery time for the material produced in China and Taiwan, strictly meet customer requirements to produce MCPCB.

3.Substrate (metal layer)

There are 4 kinds of aluminum, 1001, 3001, 5052, 6063. If this is not required, we use 5052 for high thermal conductivity (2.0w/mk or higher), AL1001, and AL3001 for 1.0w/mk to 1.5w/mk.

Aluminium cladding PCB

It can be used as 1 layer of non-plated through hole (single layer) through 2+ layer. LED lighting, ideal for power solutions.

Advantages of aluminum cladding include:

Lower the operating temperature.

Reduce PCB size.

Improve power density. Extend chip life. > reduces the number of interconnections.

Improve the thermal and mechanical properties of the product.

Combine power and control.

Improve product durability.

Better use of surface mount technology.

Accelerate heat sink and other installation hardware.

Replace fragile ceramic substrate for higher mechanical durability.

About price:

Price based on LED PCB requirements.

1.PCB thickness: 0.6-3.0mm, more total thickness, higher price.

2.Thermal conductivity: 1.0-10 w/mk, higher thermal conductivity, higher price.


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Copper Core Board

Copper core board is copper base board + insulation layer + copper, is also known as copper substrate PCB and copper clad PCB.

As a manufacturer of MCPCB, we manufacture a variety of copper core PCBs for high power LED lighters (1000W +).

In the LED field, there are four types of copper base boards.

COB copper PCB (copper board PCB)

The LED chip dissipates heat directly to the copper base board.

Direct thermal path, no dielectric layer under the thermal path pad.

Direct thermal path, no dielectric layer, aluminum-copper PCB.

Iron Base Board

Iron base board materials for the base, which are derived from special steel, silicon steel, and other FR4 or CEM1 supports, can dissipate heat from key plate components to less important areas, such as metal core or metal radiator backing.

Chinese PCB manufacturers are increasingly specializing in iron base boards.

Iron based board has all the functions of metal materials, with the following characteristics:

(1) Occupy the area to facilitate further machinery, procurement and fixed base;

(2) High mechanical strength, suitable for the assembly of paradise electronic parts of good machinery;

(3) Silicon- steel is ferromagnetic, can be applied in VTR, FDD and other micro-motor.


metal core PCB

We are committed to being a high quality metal core pcb manufacturer and service provider.

Post time: Sep-26-2019
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