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Who invented PCB?

The creator of printed circuit boards was an Austrian named Paul Eisler, who first used them on the radio in 1936.In 1943, most americans used the technology on military radios, and in 1948, the United States officially recognized the invention for commercial use.Printed circuit boards have only been widely used since the mid-1950s.

Before PCB, the interconnection of electronic components was completed by direct connection of wires.

In 1903, Hanson of England applied for a patent relating to printed circuit boards for “improvements in cabling and concatenation”, one of the earliest circuits and technologies.

Invention of the transistor in 1958, after ten years of that era engineers because the invention of the transistor and encouraged, to try to design high-speed computer, but the problem is still not fully resolved: assembled transistor by electronic equipment or too stupid degree of heavy, engineers design circuit needs to have millions of miles of lines of solder joints, build its difficulty cans be imagined.As for personal computer ownership, it is a distant dream.

In response, kilby proposed a bold idea: “can electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors and so on be placed on a single semiconductor chip?”This reduced the size of the circuit, so the new engineer began experimenting with a simple integrated circuit called a phase converter oscillator.

On September 12, 1958, kilby developed the world’s first integrated circuit, which successfully realized the idea of integrating electronic devices on a semiconductor weight material.This was the world’s first integrated circuit board.

Development history of printed circuit board:

1. In 1903, Hanson of England applied for a patent for “improvements in cabling and identical connections” related to the printed circuit board, one of the earliest circuits and technologies.

2. In 1936, British Dr. Eisler put forward the concept of “printed circuit (p-rintcricuit)”, known as “ask the father of printed circuit board”.

3.In 1953, double panels appeared.

4. In 1960, multilayer boards appeared.

5. In the late 1960s, polyimide flexible circuit boards were developed.

6. In 1970, multilayer wiring boards were produced.

7. In the early 1990s, multilayer printed boards were produced.

Before the advent of integrated circuits, most electronic devices used bulky and easily damaged circuits, mainly vacuum tubes.But kielby’s 1958 invention of the integrated circuit at the Texas instruments semiconductor laboratory changed the electronic world and made possible the microprocessor.

Extended information

According to the number of layers, the circuit board is divided into three large categories: single panel, double panel, and multilayer circuit board.Single panel, on the most basic PCB, with parts centered on one side and wires centered on the other.Because the wires appear on only one side, the PCB is called a single-sided circuit board.The single panel is usually simple to make and low in cost, but the drawback is that it cannot be used on complex products.

Double panel is the extension of single panel, when the single-layer wiring can not meet the needs of electronic products, it is necessary to use double panel.Both sides are covered with copper and wired, and the line between the two layers can be conducted through the hole to form the required network connection.

Multilayer board refers to a printed board with more than three layers of conductive graphics layer and the insulation material between them to be separated by lamination, and the conductive graphics between them are interconnected as required.Multilayer circuit board is the product of electronic information technology developing towards the direction of high speed, multi-function, large capacity, small volume, thin and lightweight.According to the characteristics of the circuit board is divided into soft board (FPC), hard board (PCB), soft and hard board (FPCB).

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