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Aluminum base board is different from PCB

PCB board and aluminum base board are designed in accordance with the requirements of PCB board. Currently, the aluminum base PCB board in the market is generally single-sided aluminum base board.

PCB board is a large type, aluminum base board is just a type of PCB board, aluminum fund belongs to the board, because it has good thermal conductivity, generally used in the LED industry.

Generally speaking, PCB board is copper base board, which is divided into single-layer board and double-layer board, the material used between the two is obviously different;

The main material of aluminum base board is aluminum, and the main material of PCB is copper. Aluminum base board due to its special PP material. Cooling is better. It's also expensive.

The comparison of the two in heat dissipation, the performance of aluminum base board in heat dissipation is more superior and PCB board, its thermal conductivity is not the same aluminum base board is a PCB, the price of aluminum base board is more expensive. Aluminum base board cannot be perforated.

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Post time: Sep-01-2019
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