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Drill holes for printed circuit boards

Corrosion of printed circuit board, only a semi-finished product, must be drilled brush flux and other processes. Printed circuit boards for some equipment often need to be silver-plated to improve reliability.

The hole of printed circuit board determines the position of welding element, which is directly related to the quality of installation.

The holes must be drilled in the right direction without any deviation. In particular, the jacks of various transformers, filters and variable capacitors shall not be slanted, or the components shall not be installed askew, or even installed.

When drilling, in order to make the hole drilled smooth and clean, no burr, in addition to the drill bit to grind quickly, all the components of the hole in diameter below 2mm, to use high-speed drilling, conditional, as far as possible above 4000r/min.

If the rotation speed is too low, drilling out of the hole has serious burr. But for the diameter of more than 3mm hole, the rotation speed should be lower.

Under the amateur condition, the borehole usually uses the hand electric drill, the bench drill, also may use the hand drill.

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Post time: Sep-10-2019
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