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How to produce FPC flexible circuit board with good quality | YMSPCB

Why a sample of the same FPC circuit board, different manufacturers often have very different quality. FPC flexible circuit board produced by some manufacturers is neat, perfect in touch, golden and yellow, and tidy in reinforcement. And some manufacturers FPC flexible circuit board burr, oxidation, uneven reinforcement, bubbles, welding pad is not square, all kinds of problems.In fact, it is not that the manufacturers cannot meet the quality standards, the most important is the maximization of the benefits of the manufacturers.

1. From the perspective of FPC raw materials, customers continue to reduce prices and rivals continue to provoke competition. In order to maximize profits, FPC manufacturers have to start with the purchase of FPC raw materials to reduce costs.

2. From the perspective of the production process, FPC manufacturers are still trying to save the cost of PTH and immersion gold, which leads to the easily broken hole copper, easy wear of gold deposition, and decreased product performance and stability.

3. From the perspective of manufacturing molds, although the price of slow-feeding wire is relatively high, the stamping products are definitely more beautiful and have higher dimensional accuracy. However, the supplier charged the cost of the customer's slow-feeding wire, but opened the mould of fast-feeding wire, because for the simple FPC, the manufacturer thinks that it only needs fast-feeding wire, but actually the quality difference can be seen under the microscope.

Therefore, high-quality FPC manufacturers will strictly control the raw materials, production processes and molds. YMS strictly selects FPC raw material suppliers, from the aspects of production control, enterprise management and equipment operation, to ensure that FPC flexible circuit board meets customer quality requirements.


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Post time: Aug-22-2019
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