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Important characteristics of high reliability industrial aluminum base board | YMSPCB

Industrial aluminum base board is now widely used, which is related to its advantages and efficiency, now industrial aluminum base board and so many, but each process is not the same, so that the effectiveness of the real implementation is different, so high reliability industrial aluminum base board has what important characteristics?

Next to introduce the characteristics of high reliability industrial aluminum base board!

It is through the surface that we see the differences that are crucial to the durability and function of industrial aluminium base board throughout their life:

1.25 micron hole wall copper thickness improves reliability, including improved z-axis expansion resistance! Otherwise, problems with blow hole or degassing, electrical connectivity during assembly (inner layer separation, hole wall fracture), or failure may occur under load conditions during actual use.

2. No welding repair or broken wire repair, perfect circuit can ensure reliability and safety, no maintenance, no risk, otherwise, improper repair, will cause circuit board broken.

Even if the repair is' proper ', there is a risk of failure under load conditions (vibration, etc.), which may lead to failure in actual use;

3. Beyond the cleanliness requirements of IPC specification, improving PCB cleanliness can improve reliability.

The accumulation of residue and solder on the circuit board will bring risks to the welding layer, and ion residue will lead to the risk of corrosion and contamination of the welding surface, which may lead to reliability problems (poor welding spots/electrical faults), and ultimately increase the probability of actual failure;

4. The service life of the strict control of every kind of surface treatment, soldering, reliability, and reduce the risk of moisture intrusion, metallographic happens due to the surface of the old circuit board processing, possible soldering problem, while the moisture intrusion can lead to and/or in the actual use in the assembly process layer, the inner layer and separation of hole wall (break), etc.;

In short, Yongmingsheng technology, a manufacturer of industrial aluminum base board, wants to express that it is very important for industrial aluminum base board to have reliable performance in both manufacturing and assembly processes and in practical use.

In addition to the associated costs, defects in the assembly process may be brought into the final product by industrial aluminum base board and may break down during actual use, leading to claims.

Therefore, from this point of view, the cost of a high-quality industrial aluminum base board is negligible, in all segments of the market, especially the production of key application areas of the market, the consequences of such failure can not be imagined, this also gives our customers a warm reminder, do not only buy products at a low price!

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Post time: Aug-30-2019
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