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Introduction of gold-plating process of PCB goldfinger | YMSPCB

Gold finger: (Gold Finger or the Edge Connector) insert the Connector into a PCB card slot, with the Connector plug as PCB exports of foreign connection, make the bonding pad or copper contact with the corresponding position of splice feet to achieve the purpose of conducting, and bonding pad on the PCB this or copper plating nickel and Gold, for into Finger shape so called Gold Finger.

Gold was chosen because of its superior conductivity, oxidation resistance and abrasion resistance. However, because of the high cost of gold, it is only used in local gold plating such as gold finger.


hard gold pcb

Currently commonly used gold finger gold-plating process mainly has the following two kinds:

One is the end lead from the golden finger, which is used as a gold-plated conductor. After the gold-plating is completed, the lead is removed by milling the shape or etching.

However, the product produced by this process will have lead residues around the golden finger, resulting in exposed copper, unable to meet the requirements of not allowing exposed copper.

The other is to lead not from the goldfinger, but from the inner or outer circuit of the circuit board connected to the goldfinger, so that the goldfinger can be gold-plated, so as to avoid exposing copper around the goldfinger.

However, when the circuit density in the circuit board is very high and the circuit is very fine, it may not be possible to make the lead in the circuit layer with this technology. Moreover, the technique is not effective against isolated fingers (i.e. the finger is not connected to the circuit).

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Post time: Sep-21-2019
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