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10 Layer High Tg Immersion gold Boad | YMS PCB

Short Description:

Parameters Layers: 10

Base Material:S1170


Minimum Line Width/Clearance:0.10mm/0.10mm


Aspect Ratio:16 : 1

Surface treatment:ENIG

Crafts Immersion Gold:4“ 2 Step HDI Resin Plug Hole Technology High Frequency Board


Product Detail

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Electroless Nickel or Immersion Gold (99.9 percent Gold)

  ▪ Usual thickness is 0.08 µm or 0.000003 inch to 0.2 µm or 0.000008 inch gold over 0.5 µm or 0.0002 inch nickel

  ▪ Superior resistance from corrosion

  ▪ Adequate for aluminum wire bonding

  ▪ Very Good for the use of fine pitch technology

  ▪ Superior ability for soldering

  ▪ Very good shelf life

In PCI and light module, line socket, a large number of use of goldfinger, goldfinger has been divided into: long goldfinger, broken section goldfinger, split goldfinger;

Goldfinger plate in the process of processing, need to pull the gold-plated wire, conventional goldfinger processing process is relatively simple, long and short goldfinger, the goldfinger leads need to be strictly controlled, need to complete the second etching.

It is more difficult to break the section of goldfinger than the length of the goldfinger, requiring dry film 3 times of process, the lead does not remain 4 times to complete the goldfinger production, often 90% of the goldfinger control is unable to process.

YMSPCB processing plug goldfinger and short and short goldfinger, broken section goldfinger, master the core manufacturing technology, single goldfinger gold-plated thickness up to 50U gold, industrial graphics card PCI can be processed to 50U gold;

Gilding is called hard gold. Why does goldfinger need gilding?

Because of the use of graphics card and plug, often circuit board often need to plug, gold-plated is the hardware, plug up to 200,000 times;

Shen jin is software, the number of plug and insert is limited, each plug and insert will reduce the life of goldfinger;

Gold plating is hard gold, in the extraction of gold, gold in the process of extraction of hardness, gold plating in the extraction of excellent performance, conductive performance can improve the efficiency of conduction.

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