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PCB gold finger


1. Refers to the PCB and other equipment such as the motherboard, chassis and other electrical connection pin, because the copper foil nickel plating layer on the thin layer of gold, English Bonding finger is called “bonding finger”, so it is called “golden finger”.

2. Used to insert the card groove, and the card groove metal spring plate contact guide similar finger arrangement pad, because this kind of design on the surface of the pad wear resistance and electrical conductivity has a higher requirement, it will be plated on the surface of a layer of nickel and a layer of gold, so called gold finger.


pcb gold fingers

PCB finger type

1. Regular gold finger (flush finger)

Rectangular pads of the same length and width arranged neatly at the edges. The following picture is: network card, video card and other types of physical objects, more golden fingers. Part of the small plate less golden fingers.

2. Long and short golden fingers (i.e. uneven golden fingers)

Rectangular welding pad with different lengths at the edge of the plate.The following figure is: memory, U disk, card reader and other types of physical objects.

3. Segmented goldfinger (discontinuous goldfinger)

Rectangular welding pad with different length at the edge of the plate, and disconnect the front section.


gold circuit pcb

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