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Technology and disadvantages of silver-aluminum base board

Silver-plated aluminum base board is often used for LED lighting. Below by the Chinese circuit board factory to take you to understand:


Aluminum Base Board

Technology of silver-aluminum base board:

Aluminum base board for LED lighting, there are many processes, such as tin spraying, gold sinking, silver sinking, gold plating, silver plating, the most common is tin spraying (lead and lead-free), the following is the introduction of silver-aluminum base board:

Aluminum base board silver plating is one of the aluminum base board process, that is, electroplating a layer of silver on the surface of the raw material of aluminum base board, can better promote the line conductivity and transmission effect, silver plating on the surface of aluminum base board is the current mainstream process in the market, is also a trend of aluminum base board development in the future.


Led lighting aluminum PCB

Disadvantages of silver-plated aluminum base board:

But silver-plated aluminum base board has a disadvantage, very easy oxidation, such as no packaging treatment, so that the silver-plated layer exposed in the air. Direct human contact;Long-term unused, storage environment does not meet the requirements are easy to oxygen bloom. Another, the price of silver plating is relatively more, the process is more complex, so, the current market application is not universal.


Aluminum PCB

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Post time: Nov-26-2019
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