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Three-layer structure of aluminum circuit board | YMSPCB

I believe that most people know about the aluminum circuit board, but about the construction of the aluminum circuit board I believe that you do not understand;Simply put, there are three layers of aluminum circuit board structure which you probably all know, so what are the characteristics of these three layers?The following by China PCB manufacturers to help you answer.

Layer 1 of aluminum circuit board:

Aluminum PCB circuit board, its role is to complete the transmission of current and other functions of the important components, and is in the completion of the line when the need to cover a thin layer of aluminum foil, generally the thickness of aluminum foil is regulated according to the provisions of the production of use.

Second layer of aluminum circuit board:

Is the insulation layer, we all know that the insulation layer in the role of aluminum PCB is very big, the insulation layer in addition to the role of insulation and heat resistance effect on the use of the insulation layer thickness requirements are specified, and the production technology of aluminum PCB insulation layer has a higher standard.

Layer 3 of aluminum PCB:

It is the bottom layer of aluminum circuit board, then the bottom layer is the metal layer of aluminum PCB, the metal raw material of this layer is mainly aluminum, the effect of aluminum is better than other materials performance, but there are still many manufacturers choose other metals to replace the production of the product is much less practical than aluminum material.

The above is about the characteristics of the three-layer structure of the aluminum circuit board;We are specialized in the production of: aluminum PCB, copper PCB and other metal PCB, welcome to consult ~

Post time: May-17-2020
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