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What are the advantages and disadvantages of FPC | YMSPCB

1. Advantages of flexible circuit board:

(1)  Free to bend, wind and fold, and it can be arranged arbitrarily according to the requirements of spatial layout, and move and expand in three-dimensional space arbitrarily, so as to achieve the integration of components assembly and wire connection.

(2) FPC can greatly reduce the size and weight of electronic products, which is suitable for the development of electronic products in the direction of high density, miniaturization and high reliability.Therefore, FPC has been widely used in aerospace, military, mobile communications, laptop computers, computer peripherals, PDA, digital camera and other fields or products.

(3) FPC also has the advantages of good heat dissipation and weldability, easy assembly and low comprehensive cost. The design of soft and hard combination also makes up for the slight deficiency of flexible substrate in the bearing capacity of components to some extent.

2. Disadvantages of flexible circuit board:

(1) high one-time initial cost.

Since flexible PCB is designed and manufactured for special applications, the initial circuit design, wiring and photographic substrate costs are high.

Unless there is a special need to apply soft PCB, usually a small number of applications, very good adoption.

(2) it is difficult to change and repair the soft PCB.

Once the soft PCB is made, the change must start from the base drawing or the light drawing program, so it is not easy to change.

Its surface is covered with a protective film, which should be removed before repair and restored after repair, which is a difficult job.

(3) size limitation.

Soft PCB is usually manufactured by batch process when it is not widely used, so it is limited by the size of production equipment and cannot be made very long and wide.

(4) improper operation is easy to damage.

Improper operation of assembly personnel is likely to cause damage to the flexible circuit, and its tin welding and rework need trained personnel to operate.

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Post time: Aug-24-2019
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