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What material is the circuit board made of?

The main use of materials is copper clad plate, can also be called substrate, the following china pcb manufacturer xiaobiao to share: copper clad plate application and structure and characteristics of the basic knowledge.

metal pcb board

metal pcb board

Copper clad plate — also known as substrate.

Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) is a hot pressed product made of wood pulp paper or fiberglass cloth, impregnated with resin and coated with Copper foil on one or both sides.It is also called CORE when it is used in multilayer production.

At present, the market supply of copper clad plate, from the base material consideration, mainly can be divided into the following categories: paper substrate, glass fiber cloth substrate, synthetic fiber cloth substrate, non-woven cloth substrate, composite substrate.

The substrate is an insulating layer composed of polymer synthetic resin and reinforced material.The surface of the substrate is covered with a layer of pure copper foil with high conductivity and good weldability, commonly used thickness of 35 ~ 50/ma;The copper clad plate covered in one side of the substrate is called single-sided copper clad plate. The copper clad plate covered with copper foil on both sides of the substrate is called double-sided copper clad plate.Whether copper foil can be firmly coated on the substrate, by the adhesive to complete.Commonly used copper clad plate thickness has 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm three.

Copper clad plate is commonly used in the following

Fr-1 — phenolic cotton paper, the substrate known as electroplate (more economical than fr-2)

FR-2 — phenolic cotton paper

FR-3 ── Cotton paper, epoxy resin

FR-4── glass cloth, epoxy resin

Fr-5 — glass cloth, epoxy resin

Fr-6 ── wool glass, polyester

G-10 — glass cloth, epoxy resin

Cem-1 ── cotton paper, epoxy resin (flame retardant)

Cem-2 ── cotton paper, epoxy resin (non-flame retardant)

CEM-3 — glass cloth, epoxy resin

Cem-4 — glass cloth, epoxy resin

Cem-5 — glass cloth, polyester

AIN — aluminum nitride

SIC ─ silicon carbide

There are also more types of copper clad plates.According to the different insulation materials can be divided into paper substrate, glass substrate and synthetic fibreboard;According to the binder resin is divided into phenolic, epoxy, polyester and polytetrafluoroethylene, etc.It can be divided into general type and special type by use.

Structure and characteristics of commonly used copper clad plate

(1) copper-coated phenolic paper laminate is a laminated product made of insulating impregnated paper (TFz 1 62) or cotton fiber impregnated paper (1tz-1 63) impregnated with phenolic resin by hot pressing. The two surface adhesive paper can be attached to a sheet of alkali-free glass impregnated adhesive cloth, one side of which is coated with copper foil.Mainly used as a printed circuit board in radio equipment.

(2) copper-coated phenolic glass cloth laminate is a laminated product made of alkaline glass cloth impregnated with epoxy phenolic resin by hot pressing, one or both sides of which are coated with copper foil. It has the advantages of light weight, good electrical and mechanical properties and convenient processing.Its board face is flaxen, if use 3 cyanogen 2 make firm agent, then the board face is light green, have good diaphaneity.It is mainly used as printed circuit board in radio equipment with high operating temperature and operating frequency.

(3) copper foil polytetrafluoroethylene laminate is a polytetrafluoroethylene plate as the substrate, coated with copper foil by hot pressing into a copper plate.It is mainly used as PCB in high frequency and uhf lines.(4) copper-clad epoxy glass cloth laminate is a common material for perforated metallized printed boards.

(5) soft polyester copper coated film is a ribbon material made by hot pressing of polyester film and copper. In the application, it is curled into a spiral shape and placed inside the equipment.It is often poured as a whole with an epoxy resin for reinforcement or protection against moisture.Mainly used for flexible printed circuit and printed cable, can be used as a transition line connector.

It is important to note that before copper coating, the corresponding power connection lines are first thickened: 5.0v, 3.3v, etc. In this way, multiple deformed structures of different shapes are formed.

The above is the introduction of common materials of circuit board;We specialize in:heavy copper pcb,HDI pcb,metal core pcb;Welcome to consult ~

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