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In the design of PCB and the final mass production of PCB, PCB assembly board is also a very important thing, which not only involves the quality standard of PCB board, but also affects the cost of PCB production. How to ensure the quality of PCB under the premise of a reasonable and effective board, so as to save raw materials, the production companies pay great attention to solve a problem.

1. Patchwork connection

There are two types of PCB combination link, one is v-cut (as shown in figure 1-1), and the other is stamp hole link. V-cut is generally applicable to PCB with rectangular shape, which is characterized by neat edge after separation and low processing cost, so it is recommended to be used first. Stamp hole is generally suitable for irregular plate collage, such as MID "L" shaped plate frame structure is often used to collage stamp hole link.

2. Puzzle quantity

It is necessary to calculate the size of the entire assembly according to the size of a single PCB board. The size of the entire assembly shall not exceed the maximum size range of the PCB (the length of the assembly shall not be greater than 250mm), and the excessive number of assembly will affect the accuracy of the assembly position and the placement accuracy. In general, the main board of MID class is 2 panel, touch-board LCD panel sub-panel is not more than 6 panel, the special area of the sub-panel depends on the specific situation.

3. Stamp hole link bar requirements

In a PCB Mosaic, the number of link bars should be appropriate, generally 2-3 link bars, so that the strength of the PCB to meet the requirements of the production process, not easily broken.

4. Tooling edge

When the board is more device intensive and the board edge space is limited, the process edge needs to be added for the transfer edge of PCB board during SMT, generally 3-5mm. Generally, one locating hole is added at each of the four corners of the process, and optical locating points are added at the three corners to enhance the positioning of the machine

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Post time: Jan-04-2020
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